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[BioMedical Electronics] NCTU Produces First Single Molecule Protein Transistor That Can Decode Personal Genetic Sequencestechman2012/03/25
[Disease Control] Taiwan Tries to Develop New TB Vaccinetechman2011/12/28
[Sci-tech Ethics] Taiwan Academic Chief Urges for Bill on Research Involving Human Subjectstechman2011/10/26
[Bio-Tech] Taiwan-made Enterovirus Vaccine EV71 Enters Clinical Trial Stagetechman2011/09/06
[International Participation][BioMedical] Genetic Variants Associated with Blood Pressure Identified in East Asianstechman2011/05/21
[BioChemistry][Medicine] NTU - Department of Biochemical Science and Technology Presents New Nano-Material Treatment for AMItechman2011/05/16
[Genomics] Academia Sinica Researchers Tinker with Microbial Biosynthesis, Come Across New Strategy for Enhancing Effect of Antibiotics Against Resistant-bacteriatechman2011/05/04
[BioMedical][Engineering] NCKU Landmark Project: Advancement of Enabling Micro/nano-fluidics Technology for Biomedical Applicationstechman2011/04/27
[BioMedical][Molecular Biology] Scientists Show How Phosphorylation Modulates Daxx Selectively Binding to SUMO-1 over Other Paralogs and Its Implications in Stress-induced Apoptosistechman2011/04/26
[International Cooperation][Molecular Biology] NCKU and NRC Made Innovative Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Discoveriestechman2011/04/23
[Report of Honor] First Taiwanese Recipient of SEBM Distinguished Scientist Awardtechman2011/04/20
[BioMedicine] Taiwan Genetic Screening to Prevent Severe Adverse Drug Reactions- A Milestone for Personalized Medicinetechman2011/03/28
[International Cooperation][BioMedicine] International Study of over 1 Million Confirms Body Weight Influences Risk of Death in Asianstechman2011/03/22
[Medicine][BioMedical] The First Domestic Leukemia New Drug in Taiwan Transferred by ITRItechman2011/02/23
[BioMedical] Academia Sinica's Scientists Discover How Hepatitis C Virus Represses Antiviral Immunity to Replicate in Cellstechman2011/01/31
[Medicine][Biotechnolgy] NCKU Developed Taiwan’s First Proactive Cancer Treatment System First-Generation Prototypetechman2011/01/26
[Bio-Tech Industry] Adimmune Corporation about to Build the Largest Biological Agents Filling Plant in Asiatechman2011/01/26
[BioMedical] Research Team at NTU Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine Invents New Drug for Asthmatechman2011/01/14
[Interdisciplinary][BioMedical] NCKU SMART Team Achieved Breakthrough in Precision Gene Surgery through Photonic Manipulation of ATLANStechman2010/11/16
[Bio-medical] ITRI Invents Blood Reagent for Hepatic Fibrosistechman2010/10/08


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